How often should Merchants switch nonprofits?

When using Roundup App at Checkout, a free plug-in that allows customers to donate their spare change at checkout to a nonprofit of your choosing, merchants can decide to switch nonprofits whenever they’d like! Having the ability to switch nonprofit partners, gives merchants the power to get creative with their philanthropic efforts. Why partner with […]

3 Stakeholder Groups & 10 Ways to Engage Them

Launching a new fundraising campaign can be exciting and bring a revived energy to your annual routines. RoundUp App adds to this excitement by providing our nonprofit partners with a new way to diversify their revenue stream with spare change donations. This is not your mama’s fundraising platform. Where traditional fundraising focuses on fundraising galas […]

Why Choose RoundUp App for Your Fundraising Efforts? (Part 2)

It’s no secret that online giving is on the rise and here to stay. According to M+R’s latest Benchmarks Report, total online revenue for nonprofits grew by 32% on 2020. As online giving increases in popularity each year, there are a lot of options out there for a nonprofit looking to diversify their revenue streams. […]

3 Easy Steps to Make a Fundraising Ask on Social Media

There is so much potential in the social media space for nonprofits to raise awareness and bring in donors to their organizations. However, a fundraising ask can become overwhelming, so here are 3 simple steps that can help nonprofits utilize the power of social media for fundraising! 1. Get Organized With social media, it can […]

How Merchants Choose Nonprofit Partners

What should a merchant consider when choosing a nonprofit partner? Selecting a nonprofit to support on RoundUp at Checkout can be a daunting task. There are so many causes to choose from and an even larger variety of nonprofits that focus on the same mission. With 1.5 million registered charities in the USA alone, there […]

The COVID Economy & The Future of Nonprofit Fundraising

One of the facts of life is that nothing ever stays the same. This was particularly true last March when COVID-19 changed our lives. What does this mean for the future of nonprofit fundraising? The charitable giving landscape, like everything else, went through tremendous changes last year. Nonprofits had to move away from tried-and-true fundraising […]

How Nonprofits can Maximize Brand Awareness on Social Media

When done correctly, Social media can be a very powerful tool to raise awareness for nonprofits! With millions of people actively using social media every day, how can nonprofits maximize their potential when posting content online? Do you have to treat all social media channels the same? And what should this content look like? Here […]

How to Write a Compelling Impact Statement

Impact statements are critical parts of a nonprofits’ story and mission. If you’ve never heard of the term before, impact statements are generally short passages that let your donors know what your organization does, how you do it, and why you do it. Sounds like a lot to cover in about two sentences? Don’t worry, […]

Introducing: Cause Funds

Picture this: you’ve just finished watching that hit movie all about climate change and you want to help out but don’t know where to start. RoundUp App has you covered. We’re helping donors everywhere support the causes they believe in through Cause Funds. These funds are designed to help you donate to causes you care […]

Wild Hearts: A RoundUp App Success Story

Can you change a pet’s life with your spare change? That’s the question that Wild Hearts, a Chicago-based nonprofit boldly asked over the course of a four-week campaign. Wild Hearts provides ongoing and comprehensive support to animals with mobility issues, and gives hope to pet owners along the way. Their reach already spans 7 countries […]