We are RoundUp App
We are Effortlessly Good

RoundUp App was founded in 2018 with three simple goals:


Make charitable giving simple by creating a donation platform that is customizable and easy to understand.


Help nonprofits across the country succeed and thrive by connecting them with a reliable, recurring source of funding.


Create a community of people who are passionate about creating change and making the world a better place.

Our team is filled with people from different professional backgrounds who are all driven by the same goal: raising money for nonprofits. We have years of experience with the nonprofit sector in fundraising, marketing, special events, Board & volunteer management, and more.

We are passionate about helping all nonprofits across the United States gain an extra stream of recurring donations so they can spend less time fundraising, and more time changing the world.

We aren't just another tech company

We are hearts and souls using technology to rally behind organizations that are making a real difference in our community.

Our Partners

Our Headquarters

We have employees all over the country, but are headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our office is a converted house that has been used as an office space by local Austin companies for years.