Make donating at checkout effortless with RoundUp App

RoundUp at Checkout is designed to make it effortless for stores and
e-commerce companies to enable customers to donate the spare change from their purchases to a nonprofit of your choice.

How RoundUp at Checkout works

  1. Add the RoundUp at Checkout app to your store  or get in touch with us about a custom integration using our SDK.
  2. Choose a nonprofit to receive your donations. You can switch nonprofits at any time.
  3. Go live on your checkout page! Use your merchant dashboard to track donations and edit your settings.

The RoundUp at Checkout Effect

Making a socially conscious statement with a donation option at checkout helps strengthen your connection and brand loyalty with customers.

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Increase in conversion rates*
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Increases in average order volume*
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Increase in lifetime values*

*Computed from 50,000+ orders since 1/1/21. Your results may vary.

Works with

Use RoundUp App’s API to create custom integrations for your E-commerce store.

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RoundUp at Checkout with Shopify

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Security & Privacy


No Access to Cards

We never see your customer’s payment information.


256 Bit Encryption

All information is protected by 256 bit encryption keys.


Full Transparency

Using individual credentials, log into our secure portal to access live reports and set preferences.

RoundUp at Checkout at a Glance

No set-up fees or monthly costs.* *Set up a meeting to discuss custom API implementation and costs

Available for any stores in the United States on our supported platforms.

Choose from 1.5 million United States 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.

Matching merchant donations are fully tax-deductible.

Includes an admin portal with analytics and reports.​

On-demand tech support from our team of experts.

Add RoundUp at Checkout to your store

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