We're committed to keeping
your data safe and secure.

RoundUp App keeps your financial and personal data safe and secure. We partner with the leading processing and authorization companies to ensure every donation you make is fully secure.

No one at RoundUp App will ever see your bank or card information.


Is RoundUp App secure?

Yes, donations processed through RoundUp App are completely secure. We use Stripe as our payment processor. Only Stripe has access to your credit or debit card number. Card numbers are not saved on the app, shared with the RoundUp App team, or shared with nonprofits

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Security you can trust

Secure Credentials
We never have access to your financial credentials.

256 Bit Encryption
We protect all of your information through 256 bit encryption keys.

Trusted integrations
We use Stripe and Plaid to process all transactions.

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Why do we ask you to
link your bank account?

RoundUp App requires a funding source from donors (usually a credit or debit card) and a bank account for “RoundUp” transactions.

The bank integration provides us with “read-only” access to your account that allows us to calculate the RoundUps and process your donations.

If you have canceled your RoundUp App account and would like to request we remove all of your customer data, please submit this form. Your data will be removed from our system within 30 days of your request.

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