Support Ukraine

Ukrainian lives are at stake while they are being invaded by Russia.

A Russian invasion of Ukraine has begun and many want to know how to support the Ukrainian people who are at great risk while they remain in Ukraine. More than 50,000 Ukrainians have fled the country with nearly 100,000 Ukrainians displaced from their homes due to attacks from Russia. Ukrainians will need international support as they struggle with the fallout from war.

Nonprofits included in our Support Ukraine Fund

Nonprofits included in our Support Ukraine Event Fund are ones that have strong international ties, with specific resources available for aide, resettlement, and general support of refugees.

What is an Event Fund?

Event Funds are groups of nonprofits that are working together to support a specific event. Nonprofits that make up our Event Funds have all received high rankings by expert assessors like Guidestar and Charity Navigator. 

How do Event Funds Work?

We find nonprofits supporting a common event

Using data from experts like Guidestar and Charity Navigator we find high-quality nonprofits who share a common cause

We group nonprofits into an Event Fund

Through RoundUp App, we group these nonprofits into a single Cause Fund that you can donate to.

You donate and we split the donation

We take your one-time donation and split it evenly between all nonprofits included in the fund.