Fight Climate Change with
our Cause Fund

Climate-fueled weather disasters have cost the US
more than $500b in the last five years.

Climate change is real and if we don’t do something soon, it’s going to make life on Earth much harder. Help fight climate change by contributing to our Fight Climate Change Cause Fund.

This cause fund includes nonprofits fighting climate change and solving its long-term impacts, locally and globally.

Nonprofits included in our Fight Climate Change Cause Fund

When picking nonprofits for our Fight Climate Change Cause Fund we focused on nonprofits providing a wealth of education, resources, and initiatives related to the complex issues of sustainability and climate change. We also focused on organizations working on the long-term impacts locally and globally from climate change.

What is a Cause Fund?

Cause Funds are groups of nonprofits that share a similar mission or are working towards a common goal. Nonprofits that make up our Cause Funds have all received high rankings by expert assessors like Guidestar and Charity Navigator. 

How do Event Funds Work?

We find nonprofits with a common cause

Using data from experts like Guidestar and Charity Navigator we find high-quality nonprofits who share a common cause

We group nonprofits into a Cause Fund

Through RoundUp App, we group these nonprofits into a single Cause Fund that you can donate to.

You donate and we split the donation

We take your one-time donation and split it evenly between all nonprofits included in the fund.

Cause Funds for all types of environmental causes

Your spare change can make real change for our environment. With our environmental cause funds we’re helping donors everywhere effortlessly support the environmental causes they’re passionate about on RoundUp App.

Using sources like Guidestar and Charity Navigator, we’ve grouped nonprofits together that share a similar mission and are working towards a common environmental goal.