Environmental Cause Funds

Your spare change can make real change for our environment.

With RoundUp App you can easily support a cause you feel passionate about by donating your spare change from everyday purchases.

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Fight Climate Change

Includes nonprofits fighting climate change and solving its long-term impacts both locally and globally.

Follow the Stars

Includes nonprofits founded by celebrities or that have major celebrity support focusing on environmental issues.

Go Green

Includes nonprofits picked by Giving Green that work to decrease greenhouse gases or reduce emissions.

Lead the Change

Includes nonprofits that address the need for diversification and inclusion in environmental nonprofits.

Preserve the Land

Includes nonprofits that provide opportunities to enjoy nature while preserving the land for future generations.

Protect and Conserve

Includes nonprofits with budgets under $3.5M that support protection and conservation efforts with a national focus.

Save the Water

Includes nonprofits that preserve the oceans, the groundwater, and protect the fragile balance of the ecosystem on Earth.

Show Up for Environmental Justice

Includes nonprofits that equalize environmental protection for everyone.