Give clients and customers a gift that makes an impact

Whether you’re working with a stellar client or giving back to an amazing customer, making a donation as a gift is a great way to say thanks.

Sending a donation as a gift instead of a traditional gift card shows your clients and customers that you’re committed to making a change, supporting a cause, or having a major impact.

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Say thanks to your customers and clients by donating

As a holiday gift

Make a one-time donation as a holiday gift to any nonprofit in the U.S. through RoundUp App.

For customer referrals

Send one-time donations to nonprofits throughout the U.S. for qualified customer referrals.

For survey responses

Entice your customers by offering donations to nonprofits in exchange for survey responses.

Reward your team and staff by donating

To celebrate milestones

Celebrate birthdays, holidays, or work-anniversaries by making one-time donations to qualifying nonprofits.

For company awards

Improve employee retention and engagement by awarding employees with donations to nonprofits.

To reward high performers

Highlight and reward your employees' performance with a donation to any nonprofit in the U.S.

Available for any qualifying 501(C)(3) in the United States

With RoundUp App you can make one-time gifts to any 501(c)(3) in the United States that’s currently registered with the IRS.