We're matching 10k in donations this December, help us make it happen.

This December we’re on a bold mission: to give away 10k in matching donations. It’s all part of our goal of creating a community of giving, but we need your help.

Between December 1st and December 31st, we’ll be matching donations to any nonprofit, until we meet a total goal of $10,000 donated! Read below on how both new donors to RoundUp App and current donors can help us reach our goal of $10,000. 

3 ways to get your donation matched

Become a new donor

We’ll match every new RoundUp App donor’s monthly gift.*

Make a one-time donation

We’ll match all new and current donors who make a one-time gift through RoundUp App.*

Add a second nonprofit

Already using RoundUp App for your donations? Add an additional nonprofit to your account and we’ll match each donation.*

Want to help us match $10,000 in donations?

Join RoundUp App and start donating today. RoundUp App is completely free to join.

What is the timeframe?

Our 10k matching period is open from 12:01 AM CT on Wednesday, December 1st, through 11:59 CT on Friday, December 31st.

How much are you matching?

*We’ll match up to $50 per donation until we hit our grand total of $10,000 in matching donations.

How our matching works

We’ll be matching up to $50 per donation for the following types of donations during the month of December:

  1. All donations made by new donors who signup for RoundUp App.
  2. All one-time donations made by new or current donors using RoundUp App.
  3. Donations made by current, or new, RoundUp App donors who add an additional nonprofit to their account. For this group, we’ll match the donations made to each nonprofits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer: we want to see nonprofits thrive, and we’re committed to getting them there. The long answer: we know from the research that matching donations makes donors more likely to donate and helps nonprofits retain the donors they have.

The best way to make sure your donation is matched is to join RoundUp App and donate to the nonprofit of your choice during the month of December.

If you’re already using RoundUp App to donate, add an additional nonprofit to your account and start donating to them and we’ll match each donation you make in the month.

For current users donating through RoundUp App there are two ways to make sure your nonprofit gets a matching donation:

  1. Make a one-time donation to your nonprofit. We’re matching all one-time donations made in December, up to $50 per donation.
  2. Add a new nonprofit and start donating to them. Once you do we’ll match each of the donations to your original nonprofit and your additional nonprofits, up to $50 per donation.

We currently have all registered 501(c)(3)s in good standing with the IRS available in RoundUp App. You can search by name or their EIN to find your nonprofit and start donating today.

Some nonprofits have claimed their accounts, for these nonprofits, they’ll receive money directly from their donors based on their processing schedule.

For unclaimed organizations, RoundUp App sends all donations directly to these organizations through our donor advised fund (DAF) each month.

The best way for nonprofits to receive matching donations is by getting your donors to start using RoundUp App. Each new donor that starts a reoccurring donation or makes a one-time donation to your nonprofit through RoundUp App will get up to $50 matched.

Registering for RoundUp App is simple and gives you instant access to our pool of potential donors. Learn more about the process on our RoundUp App for nonprofits page.

We take the security of all RoundUp App users seriously. We use Stripe for payment processing and Plaid to make secure connections with your banks. We never have access to user card or bank info and all info is protected by 256 bit encryption keys.