3 Stakeholder Groups & 10 Ways to Engage Them

3 Stakeholder Groups & 10 Ways to Engage Them

Launching a new fundraising campaign can be exciting and bring a revived energy to your annual routines. RoundUp App adds to this excitement by providing our nonprofit partners with a new way to diversify their revenue stream with spare change donations.

This is not your mama’s fundraising platform. Where traditional fundraising focuses on fundraising galas and major gift donors, RoundUp App brings in monthly recurring donations using a bite-size fundraising ask that engages donors.

DID YOU KNOW: According to Engage for Good, 3 out of 4 Americans have been asked to “round up” their purchase for a good cause? RoundUp App takes that same principle and lets you round up every transaction for a good cause!

Chart showing the growth of the "round up" donation option

Engage for Good

We’ll start by looking at these key stakeholder groups:

1. Board Members

2. Employees

3. Volunteers

Your stakeholders are your organization’s biggest cheerleaders! Grab those pom poms and ask your stakeholders to “advertise” for you. In order to not cannibalize your other fundraising efforts, you can give your network the tools they need to get new donors.

RoundUp App empowers stakeholders with this simple question to ask others, “Would you give your spare change to help us achieve our mission?” Asking a supporter if they would give their spare change can be more comfortable than asking if they would become a monthly recurring donor. This ‘easier ask’ empowers your evangelizers and makes for an easier ‘yes’ from new supporters.

Ways to Engage Board Members and Employees

1. Ask each Board Member and employee to sign up to be a RoundUp App donor. Every bit of spare change adds up for your nonprofit! Plus, when your Board Members are familiar with the app, they will be more comfortable talking to others about it.

Stakeholder Group 1 - Board Members

2. Equip Board Members with a short script, email template and information about RoundUp App.

Many people, even seasoned fundraisers, can get anxious when asking for donations. But your stakeholders don’t need to stress about asking for donations. This article by Joe Garecht Fundraising reminds board members that they’re raising money for an important mission that they believe in.

“Our non-profit does great work. Our non-profit changes lives. There’s no reason to be shy about asking for money to do our work.”

– Joe Garecht Fundraising

3. Share your social media promotion plan and schedule. Be clear about when the program will launch to help focus everyone’s efforts.

4. Encourage staff members to comment, like and share when your social media posts go live. This helps to build momentum and engages all of your supporters with just a few clicks and taps.

5. Ask your stakeholders to share your posts with their personal networks. They can also ask their social media followers to “share” your fundraising posts for some free advertising!

6. Ask each board member to share your RoundUp App program by reaching out to 5-10 contacts.

DID YOU KNOW: We make this easy with in-app sharing tools and resources in the Support section of the marketing library!

7. Acknowledge or reward any board member or employee who successfully shares and gains new donors. An easy 10-day contest with the reward of a simple gift card or internal shout-out goes a long way to make each contributor feel appreciated.

Ways to Engage Volunteers

Stakeholder Group 3 - Volunteers

Remember: Volunteers and donors are not mutually exclusive groups. Rather, they are most likely to be one and the same! One study by Americorps found that volunteers who donate to charity donate at twice the rate as non-volunteers, so you don’t want to miss out by overlooking this vital group.

1. Develop a process for asking volunteers to give (most people don’t give because they weren’t asked!).

2. Make each volunteer experience memorable, organized, and valuable.

3. Incentivize volunteers to share or recruit new donors or volunteers by rewarding them with a ‘star volunteer’ prize – such as a tote bag or water bottle with your nonprofit’s logo.

That’s it!

Gaining support from your board members, employees and volunteers can make an immediate impact on your organization. We have heard time and time again from our nonprofit partners that personal ‘asks’ are always effective when building your initial donor base.

Once your stakeholders are excited and participating in your RoundUp App program, it’s off to the races. And don’t forget to visit our marketing library to access campaign launch guides, resources for growing your donor base, and over 40 social media and email templates.

Not using RoundUp App yet? It’s easy to get started!

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