Global Outreach Developments (G.O.D.) International Drives Growth on Giving Tuesday Now

Global Outreach Developments (G.O.D.) International Drives Growth on Giving Tuesday Now

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In March, 2020, the world went through a dramatic metamorphosis. Businesses not deemed essential closed their doors, people stayed inside and the world slowed down. But in this same instant, nonprofits around the world became essential to their communities. Simultaneously, funding slowed down as the economy ground to a halt. Global Outreach Developments (G.O.D) International took this as a challenge. In the middle of a global pandemic, G.O.D. International successfully found growth on Giving Tuesday Now with a campaign aimed at their donor base.

The Organization added 76 of new donors in 8 days, resulting in tens of thousands of donations over time.

They were strategic and targeted in their approach. As we all know, repetition is key when making an ask like this. To an audience of just under 700 people, they send a series of three emails and published three social media posts.

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Each email and post had a clear call to action. The emails focused on the ask, “We need to sign up people for Giving Tuesday and when we do, we could win $1,000”. Facebook and Instagram mirrored these messages, but in a mobile format, often targeting younger demographics.

If you notice, the images on the social media posts illustrate the impact of the organization, while asking for people to sign up using their custom registration link:

Using a custom registration link is key to converting a call to action into a registration. The conversion rate is significantly higher than without one.

In addition, they used word-of-mouth to excite their donors. They shared how much they have raised, how many donors they have, and pushed people to be the one the help them win the $1,000 grant. In all, they were able to drive account growth following a formula that your organization can use too. Learn more about using RoundUp App for your nonprofit today!

About Global Outreach Developments (G.O.D) International:

G.O.D. Int’l serves designated neighborhoods by mobilizing, organizing or facilitating programs that meet particular needs related to the issues of the area. This is how G.O.D. Int’l got its start, and it’s something we continue to do today, both ‘here’ and ‘abroad.’ G.O.D. Int’l recognizes the need to be appropriately equipped to meet the challenges faced by the poor and marginalized. We do this by developing capacity within our members to act as agents of education, advocacy and empowerment; our people are trained as educators, advocates and administrators.

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