How Merchants Choose Nonprofit Partners

How Merchants Choose Nonprofit Partners

What should a merchant consider when choosing a nonprofit partner?

Selecting a nonprofit to support on RoundUp at Checkout can be a daunting task. There are so many causes to choose from and an even larger variety of nonprofits that focus on the same mission. With 1.5 million registered charities in the USA alone, there is an overwhelming number of options for giving on your site. When you implement RoundUp at Checkout, finding the best fit organization can increase donation conversion and strengthen your brand loyalty with customers. Some factors to consider while selecting a charity to benefit are:

  • Their cause is closely related to the product you are selling
  • Nonprofits that support your local community
  • The organization is related to current events in society that you wish to support
People shopping in a pet store

Product Related to a Cause

If you feel lost when exploring a new nonprofit partner, first look at the product you are selling and the themes that surround it. For example, an e-commerce site selling dog collars could support a local or national animal rescue. We have seen a higher rate of donor conversion in this situation. If a consumer is shopping for their dog, there is a higher probability that they would want to support dogs in need. Understanding who your customer is and what values they might have is key!

Volunteers planting trees

Local Communities

While you can always choose to support a well known national charity, it is also a good idea to take a look at the needs of your local community and the charities that work to support it. According to the National Council of Nonprofits, 92% of nonprofits are small and focus on addressing their local community’s needs. Research your local food banks, animal rescues, homeless shelters, etc. This is especially true if you understand that the majority of your customers are locally based. Your RoundUp at Checkout could yield a higher conversion if you choose to target your local demographic with a local and community based nonprofit.

Community rally

Cause related to current events

Another factor to consider is current events that are happening right now in our society and abroad. Whether the event is a natural disaster, conflict overseas or social justice, customers have a higher chance to RoundUp their purchase if they feel like they have an impact on the social issues and events happening right now. For example, businesses who choose to support charities that focus on the COVID-19 pandemic are compelling their customers to donate to a cause that hits close to home for everybody in our society. This sense of urgency is crucial.

Another component to target is holiday months that focus on different demographics. For example, supporting an organization that focuses on the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month could yield a higher conversion of donations and reflect the beliefs of the business.

Choosing a nonprofit partner might sound intimidating at first but consider all these elements and discuss with your RoundUp at Checkout expert to find the charity that best aligns with you and your business!

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