How often should Merchants switch nonprofits?

How often should Merchants switch nonprofits?

When using Roundup App at Checkout, a free plug-in that allows customers to donate their spare change at checkout to a nonprofit of your choosing, merchants can decide to switch nonprofits whenever they’d like! Having the ability to switch nonprofit partners, gives merchants the power to get creative with their philanthropic efforts.

Why partner with a nonprofit in the first place?

Gen z now makes up, 40% of customers and is known as the “philanthro kids” generation for good reason. ,Gen Z and Millennials are savvy consumers and want to know that the businesses they are supporting or even working for are going to better the world in some way. Therefore as a business, it is becoming paramount that you have a philanthropic cause to support year round, even if you’re a small business.

How often to switch?

Having established the importance of giving back, as long as your business is partnered with a nonprofit year round, it is up to your business to decide how often to change nonprofits. If you’re having a hard time deciding on even choosing one nonprofit, our previous blog on ,“How Merchants Choose Nonprofit Partners” will give you some insight, but below we’ll highlight the different ways switching organizations can look like:

Sticking to one nonprofit.

You may decide to partner with one org that aligns well with your business brand. For example, The Pet Door Store has partnered with Best Friend Animal Society or CBD for Life who donates to the PrisonerProject to continue the fight for cannabis criminal reform. Both these businesses aligned their brands with nonprofit organizations that relate to their businesses in some way. And since these merchants sell certain products relating to their cause, it is highly likely that their customer base probably feels the same way. In the case of The PetDoor Store, since customers are likely to be pet lovers shopping for their pets – they are more likely to donate to an animal rescue at checkout.

Changing occasionally

Perhaps instead of keeping it to just one organization, changing seasonally or even changing bi-annually might give you a perspective on how partnering with different organizations may boost business sales depending on which organization a business partnered with. Ultimately, any time you change nonprofits organizations can be an SEO marketing play as it allows your business to promote this change in giving that may attract different audiences. For example, if you’re a local business you may want to see if partnering with a nationally recognized foundation might differ from choosing a local nonprofit that impacts the community where your local customers are from.

Changing Monthly

One reason to change monthly or more frequently would allow you to, as mentioned previously, explore your options, but also gives you a marketing boost to align national holidays with your philanthropic work. For example, choosing an educational nonprofit organization during the month of August which is “Back to school month” may not align with your business brand but it gives your business an opportunity to remind your customers of your charity work and an opportunity to reach different demographics.

Where to begin

Whether you decide to stick to one nonprofit partner or change it up monthly, the key takeaway is that in the current climate it is greatly beneficial to do charitable giving. Our Roundup at Checkout program allows merchants to start their philanthropic work with a free plug-in with no setup or monthly costs. To find out more or schedule a meeting, chat with one of our support specialists today!

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