RoundUp at Checkout

We’re excited to announce the launch of RoundUp at Checkout! Now, stores that use BigCommerce can add RoundUp App to their checkout process. This allows customers to round up their transactions to the nearest dollar and donate the change to a nonprofit.

For example, a $15.50 total becomes $16 and $0.50 is donated to the store’s selected charity. It’s a small ask for the customer, but the total amount donated to the nonprofit adds up quickly if every customer rounds up.

RoundUp at Checkout example

In addition to helping stores make a socially conscious choice by supporting nonprofits, this solution lets consumers feel more connected with a brand. When customers see which nonprofit the store is supporting, they get an insight into the stores values.

The bottom line: RoundUp at Checkout is a win-win for everyone involved! Customers and stores get an easy way to make socially responsible decisions and support the causes they care about. Nonprofits receive more donations, helping them to better achieve their missions.

Let’s make good happen For merchants: Find out more and schedule a demo »

For nonprofits: Know a store who might want to donate RoundUps to your organizations? Let us know and we’ll reach out to them »

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