Top Tips for Year-End Fundraising

There’s no denying that year-end giving plays a huge part in any nonprofit’s online fundraising strategy. According to the Blackbaud Institute’s 2019 Charitable Giving Report, almost 20% of all 2019 online giving happened during the month of December.

But coming up with an effective and achievable fundraising strategy can be challenging – especially for nonprofits with limited staff and resources. To help you plan, here are RoundUp App’s Top Tips for maximizing end of year giving for your nonprofit.

Our Top Tips:

  1. Reflect on the past year
    Remind everyone what your organization accomplished this year. Bonus points if you use personalized content. Think Spotify’s annual Year in Review.
  2. Remember to thank your supporters
    Before you ask your audiences for donations, be sure to thank your supporters for the key role they played in helping to make your 2020 accomplishments possible.
  3. Use goals
    Whether it’s the amount of money you want to raise or the number of new donors you’d like to add, goals help add purpose to a fundraising campaign. Plus, you can use updates on your goal progress as a reason to regularly communicate with your audiences.
  4. Use deadlines
    Deadlines and countdown timers are great tools to encourage your audiences to take action. Just think about all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails you probably got in your inbox this year. Plus, midnight on December 31st is a legitimate deadline for anyone wanting to include donations in their 2020 taxes.
  5. Reach out multiple times on December 31st
    If there’s one day of the year where you should be emailing and posting throughout the day with fundraising asks, it’s December 31st. According to M+R, 24% of all December revenue came in on December 31st in 2018.
  6. Don’t forget multi-channel marketing
    Make sure you’re taking advantage of every available channel. Always use consistent text and imagery so that your most engaged followers don’t get mixed messages. And if you haven’t tried SMS marketing yet, now is a great time to start! All RoundUp App clients get their first 500 text messages on us.
  7. Be creative and have fun!
    Think outside the box and create campaigns that celebrate your nonprofit’s unique identity. Asking audiences to support your organization through RoundUp App is another great way to stand out from the crowd.

If your nonprofit isn’t using RoundUp App yet, there’s still time to get started before the year is over! Sign up on our website and create your custom donor registration page with a few easy steps.

We hope these tips are helpful as you plan and execute your year-end fundraising campaigns!

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