Wild Hearts: A RoundUp App Success Story

Wild Hearts: A RoundUp App Success Story

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Can you change a pet’s life with your spare change? That’s the question that Wild Hearts, a Chicago-based nonprofit boldly asked over the course of a four-week campaign.

Wild Hearts provides ongoing and comprehensive support to animals with mobility issues, and gives hope to pet owners along the way. Their reach already spans 7 countries and they have no intention of slowing down.

Donations of any kind, amount and frequency are impactful for nonprofits, and particularly for small- to mid-sized organizations. But how can a nonprofit that has historically received one-time donations create a recurring donor base in a matter of weeks?

“To be able to quickly add recurring monthly donors is huge for us, and it allows us to help more of the community that we serve,” Erin Kowalski, Wild Hearts Executive Director and Founder, reflected.

Wild Hearts approached the opportunity to build a recurring donor base with full force. Over the course of four weeks they leveraged the easy ask of “spare change” donations using RoundUp App over social media, email, web and within their community. The result was a new, recurring monthly revenue stream.

“As a nonprofit, the additional funds coming in every month allow us to make better informed decisions on programming, especially when it comes to approving animal sponsorships,” noted Kowalski.

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Wild Hearts’ Four Week Campaign Strategy

  • Asked board members to reach out to a minimum of 10 personal contacts
  • Added a RoundUp App logo and link on their website homepage
  • Posted weekly on Facebook
  • Posted twice on Instagram, with Stories 2-3 days in a row at the launch of the campaign, midway and the last three days
  • Sent four targeted emails
  • Added a RoundUp App link in the footer of their staff email signatures

The success of the campaign has materially allowed them to sponsor animals that they would otherwise have had to turn away.

And for the donors, Wild Hearts continues to reinforce their mission and nourish relationships using clear messaging and images on social media. Consistent, ongoing communications help personalize every penny donated. Wild Hearts even includes the names, furry faces and stories of real pets that RoundUp App donations help them support.

“As a donor, it is nice to not really think about having to make a donation. To be able to ‘set it and forget it’ is really nice,” Erin added.

Interested in learning more about RoundUp App? Get more information and register your nonprofit for free!

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