An end-of-the-year donation celebration!

An end-of-the-year donation celebration!

2022 is right around the corner and let’s be honest, 2021 has been an eventful year. As we wrap up the old year and look forward to the new year, we’re launching one last celebration for nonprofits and the donors that support them! How are we celebrating? By starting our biggest and boldest mission yet: matching $10k in donations. 

Our mission is to build a community of giving. That’s why we’re making December a month-of-matching by committing ourselves to match up to $10,000 in donations. We can’t do it alone though, we’ll need your help! 

Throughout December, any time a new donor signs up for RoundUp App and starts donating to a nonprofit, we’ll match that donation up to $50. But we’re not stopping there! We’ll also be matching one-time donations, and donations made to additional nonprofits from both current and new donors!

Why we’re pledging 10k in matching donations

The short answer: we want to see nonprofits thrive and we’re committed to getting them there, whatever it takes. The longer answer: we know from the research that matching donations makes donors more likely to donate and helps nonprofits retain the donors they currently have!

Matching donations is also part of our goal to build a community of giving across the nation. Whether it’s small-dollar donations going directly to local communities, or big-dollar donations helping to fund new research, we know that every single dollar makes a difference.

3 ways to get your donation matched

We’ve set up our month-of-matching so that all types of donors can contribute. There are three ways brand new donors and current donors can participate and get their donations matched.

  1. New donors automatically get their donations matched.
    New donors who join RoundUp App and make a new donation get that donation matched up to $50!
  2. We’ll match all one-time donations.
    We’re matching all one-time gifts made to nonprofits during this period, up to $50!
  3. We’ll match donations to additional nonprofits added in December.
    For donors currently donating using RoundUp App, we’ve got a special offer. For each additional nonprofit you add a new recurring donation to, you’ll get that donation matched. Plus you’ll get the donation to your original nonprofit matched up to $50 too!

How donors can get involved

Donating to nonprofits you support is the best way to get involved as a donor. Whether it’s a one-time, monthly, or RoundUp donation, we’ll match each donation up to $50.

If you’re already giving, you can help us reach a wider audience by sharing our matching challenge with your friends and family or through social media. By sharing our campaign, you’ll help us make a huge impact and connect with nonprofits across the country.

How nonprofits can get involved

As a nonprofit, you can get involved by adding new donors to RoundUp App throughout December. You can also encourage your current donors to make one-time donations through RoundUp App.

Donors who give through RoundUp App donate, on average, $15 – $20 a month, have an +80% retention rate, and have an easy-to-use dashboard for managing their charitable donations. If you haven’t worked with RoundUp App before, it’s super easy to get started, and nonprofits get access to tons of special features like:

  • Up to the minute donation reports
  • Complete marketing library
  • Customizable brand profile to make signup a breeze
  • An always-growing pool of potential donors
  • Plus full-service support, live chat, weekly “office hours” and a constant stream of new features and functionality!

Make our $10,000 matching promise a reality

Help us make our $10,000 matching promise a reality by donating today. RoundUp App is free to use for donors and supports one-time, monthly, or RoundUp donations. We hope you’ll join us throughout December as we celebrate nonprofits and the donors that support them!

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