Treasured Locks Partners with RoundUp at Checkout

Treasured Locks Partners with RoundUp at Checkout

Treasured Locks cart with RoundUp at Checkout
Treasured Locks cart with RoundUp at Checkout

Your Change Changes Things

One of our newest partners, Treasured Locks, has hit the ground running with their RoundUp at Checkout program. They’ve chosen to support Brown Girl Wellness, a nonprofit on a mission to empower marginalized women and children. Plus, for the entire month of September, Treasured Locks is matching 100% of donations! Talk about making a big impact.

Treasured Locks RoundUp at Checkout option

Find out more about Brown Girl Wellness below or read the original blog post from Treasured Locks!

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Treasured Locks is partnering with Roundup App to direct your spare change to worthy organizations making changes in our communities and our world. For the month of September 2021, we have chosen to sponsor Brown Girl Wellness. For every amount you donate, Treasured Locks will match your donations- 100%.

Brown Girl Wellness was founded by Dr. D. Rica Wilson. She remains its Executive Director as well as founder. Brown Girl Wellness, Inc. strives to empower marginalized women and children. As a single mother, survivor of abuse, and champion for vulnerable individuals, Dr. Wilson is committed to helping women and children thrive.

Their work is deeply rooted in possibilities and the power of storytelling. Dr. Wilson often uses her own story of resilience to help individuals tap into their God-given power. Through advocacy, BGW lifts communities historically impacted by racial injustice, economic, health and educational disparities.

Their Family Justice Project, Spoons & Stories Public Health initiative, and Project 31 Business Institute were created to help women and children win. Since the pandemic, their outreach programs have reached over 500 families to improve food security, financial stability, and educational outcomes.

Dr. Wilson is a mother of three sons, English Professor, servant-leader, and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Inc., Her work is heart work, and she promises to continue to serve to ensure no child goes to bed hungry, no woman questions her abilities, and every family soars above the historic oppression and disparities to create quality lives for each generation.

Brown Girl Wellness believes that every woman and child has the opportunity to thrive. When women and children win, we all win.
Instagram: brown.girl.wellness

Additionally, Brown Girl Wellness, Inc. in partnership with Farmer Nell of City Weeds and Be More Green founded the first community art studio, Be More Creative in Tema, Ghana in partnership with Sir Francis Nunoo. Our community art studio rescues street children and community children through art. Children learn valuable skills to increase their future economic stability through selling their artwork, creative designs, and fashion.

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