Why Choose RoundUp App for Your Fundraising Efforts? (Part 2)

Why Choose RoundUp App for Your Fundraising Efforts? (Part 2)

It’s no secret that online giving is on the rise and here to stay. According to M+R’s latest Benchmarks Report, total online revenue for nonprofits grew by 32% on 2020.

As online giving increases in popularity each year, there are a lot of options out there for a nonprofit looking to diversify their revenue streams. So, why choose RoundUp App?

The Ease of Use for Nonprofits

We strive to make our platform as easy as possible to use. Nonprofits who register with us receive guides and tips for getting started, as well as full access to a marketing library plus regular updates from our team of experts. The marketing library includes downloadable images and text that is pre-populated with each nonprofit’s name and mission statement for use across all social media platforms, plus email and SMS.

Marketing library example
Marketing Library Example

Our engineering team is also constantly releasing product updates that make it easier for nonprofits to set up their accounts and offer more analytics and reporting features in the admin dashboard.

The Ease of Use for Donors

The RoundUp App team cares deeply about the donor experience. That’s one of the reasons why our platform has an 80% donor retention rate.

We allow donors to have complete control over their charitable giving – from setting monthly minimum & maximum donation amounts to having the ability to pause and un-pause their donations. This control gives users the confidence they need to feel secure.

The home screen of the app even displays a running tally of a user’s RoundUps, so their donation amount at the end of the month is never a surprise. Plus, their donation history is right there in the app, so it’s easy for users to see how much they’ve donated each year.

RoundUps screen in app

Variety of Donation Options

While RoundUp App’s main selling point is “spare change” donations, people can also use the platform to give in other ways. By setting a monthly maximum donation, users can become monthly donors without even using the RoundUp feature. This setting is perfect for people who want to donate a set amount each month.

Additionally, there is a one-time donation option, which is particularly useful if your nonprofit is having an event or celebrating a milestone and your supporters want to give an extra gift. Nonprofits can even create Campaigns in the admin portal, allowing donors to give to a particular project or initiative.

One-time gift option in-app

No matter what your organization’s fundraising goals are, RoundUp App is a no-brainer solution to augment your online giving program. Its ease of use for both nonprofits and donors, plus the variety of donation options make it an effortless and nimble donation platform.

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