Lane of Roses Success Story: A Lot With A Little


Lane of Roses is a nonprofit run by women for women. Their work is community focused with a goal to create safe spaces and a thriving network of support for their members. Like any nonprofit organization, fundraising is vital to ensure that their work continues and their mission expands to bless a growing base of constituents.

This nonprofit registered with RoundUp App and quickly grasped the ’round up’ appeal. They shared the idea with their supporters in a focused push that results in new recurring and (dare we say) blooming revenue.

Why RoundUp App

“It’s super easy and so helpful to all nonprofits. It’s also just a really good idea. And when I tell others about RoundUp App it’s always one of those ‘Wow. What a great idea’ reactions.”

– Rebekah Perryman, Executive Director

How did they do it?

Lane of Roses concentrated their efforts on a word-of-mouth strategy and promoted the program at their fundraising events over the course of 60 days, which included community events, bible studies, and even a pop-up shop!

Hosts would first announce RoundUp App as a way to give and then ask people to download the app during the event with a quick ‘how to sign up’ demonstration. During pop-up shop events they displayed signage with a QR code leading to the donor signup form.

They also sent RoundUp App appeals via donor emails, social media posts and text messages. Lane of Roses found that asking people individually (either in person or through emails or text messages) was the most effective way to onboard new donors directly.

Image explaining what RoundUp App is
RoundUp App Lane of Roses call-to-action

Within a focused timeframe, they consistently communicated across all their platforms that they could do a lot with a little through RoundUp App.

“We use RoundUp App as an option for someone who isn’t sure they can sign up to give monthly, but they feel comfortable rounding up their change,” Perryman said. That messaging resonated with supporters who wanted to be able to contribute and still feel comfortable about giving within their financial means.

What was the impact?

Lane of Roses gained over 50 donors in two months, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in new recurring revenue over time.

The recurring donations from RoundUp App help Lane of Roses to cover the cost of basic needs that are hard to fundraise for, such as office supplies and rent. And with positive feedback from donors, they have found RoundUp App to be easy and user-friendly.

Lane of Roses image introducing RoundUp App donor goal
Thermometer with RoundUp App donor goal update


Maybe we are looking at this through rose-colored glasses but we think a donation stream that you can count on is worth its weight in spare change. This success story shows once again that a focused campaign leveraging all platforms can create real fundraising momentum.

Like Lane of Roses, your RoundUp App campaign will benefit most from these key elements:

  • Select a designated time frame to promote your RoundUp App program
    • This can be 2 weeks or 2 months. Whatever range you choose, be consistent and share multiple times across all your marketing platforms and at events.
  • Keep your messaging clear and repeated
    • “We can do a lot with a little when you round up”
    • “Help us change the world with your spare change”
    • “Help us get to ## new donors”
  • Make signup accessible

All alone, a single rose is nice and lovely. But add a bunch of roses together and you get a beautiful bouquet. The same is true for spare change! On its own, while appreciated, it does not carry a large impact. But when you add donations from many RoundUp App donors together, you can accomplish so much more!

Still unsure about best practices? Schedule a call with us or send us your questions!

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