What is Grassroots Fundraising?

What is grassroots fundraising? Grassroots fundraising is a fundraising method used by nonprofits, political candidates, and other types of organizations to raise funds. It’s a fundraising method that involves gathering lots of one-time donations from individual contributors, supporters, or donors, rather than large corporate donors. While this type of fundraising is most commonly used by […]

Creative Ways to Feature RoundUp App on your Website

Why you should link your RoundUp App profile on your website Organizations get better results when they actively promote their RoundUp App partnership to their audience. Plus, we’ve found that for our top-performing nonprofits, 50%+ of the daily traffic to their RoundUp App profile comes from direct links they include on their website! Your audience […]

Why Choose RoundUp App for Your Fundraising Efforts? (Part 2)

It’s no secret that online giving is on the rise and here to stay. According to M+R’s latest Benchmarks Report, total online revenue for nonprofits grew by 32% on 2020. As online giving increases in popularity each year, there are a lot of options out there for a nonprofit looking to diversify their revenue streams. […]

How to Write a Compelling Impact Statement

Impact statements are critical parts of a nonprofits’ story and mission. If you’ve never heard of the term before, impact statements are generally short passages that let your donors know what your organization does, how you do it, and why you do it. Sounds like a lot to cover in about two sentences? Don’t worry, […]

Why Choose RoundUp App for Your Fundraising Efforts?

When it comes to raising money for your nonprofit, there are a lot of options out there. So, why choose RoundUp App? The Numbers Let’s start with the numbers. Nonprofit reports over the past few years have consistently shown that the popularity of online and mobile giving is continuously on the rise. According to Blackbaud’s […]